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August 10, 2021
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Rage Road – Car Shooting Game Mod Apk Download

If you could hold your head …

It’s chaos out there on the open avenue! Homicidal maniacs in a frenzy of rage, tearing up the motorway in tricked-out cars and vehicles in pursuit of… YOU!

Crouched in the returned of a pickup with simply your gun and your special-agent education to peer you via, can you survive the hailstorm of bullets and infinite onslaught of racing enemy automobiles? If you could keep your head whilst all people’s gunning for it, then Rage Road might simply be the game for you…

🚘 Shoot from the hip at smash-neck pace!

★ Hybrid era: Unique gameplay combining race and shooter elements for maximum motion and thrills. As your enemies typhoon up in the back of you, use your sharp-capturing abilties to take them out before they get near enough to gun you down or blow you up.

★ Safety functions: Get your purpose simply proper and you may shoot up multiple enemies, as well as inflicting dazzling collisions that carry down numerous motors right away. Or take cowl at the back of the tailgate, bide your time and pick out off enemies one-by means of-one – simply be careful for the real pace merchants and kamikaze bombers.

★ Intelligent design: Over 80 strategic shooter levels that require you to remember your bullets and plan your photographs depending at the sort of automobile and wide variety of passengers. Complete tiers to earn cash and crystals that you can spend on improvements in your truck, your gun and your person.

★ Great in-vehicle entertainment: Fun images and a banging soundtrack to hold you energized and entertained as you ruin your enemies, plus eleven different locations, every with coloration versions to ensure you never get bored within the again seat.

★ Reliability problems: As if the countless circulate of psychotic toll road bandits wasn’t sufficient, between degrees you’ll have to deal with the sardonic comments of your glamorous boss, who’s not at all impressed via all this reckless macho avenue rage.

Rage Road – Car Shooting Game Mod Apk Full

Power, reload pace and mag size all vary from gun to gun, so discover the weapon that best fits your gambling fashion and the needs of each unique degree. If you could’t snipe ‘em, blast ‘em!

★ Choice of trim: Upgrade your truck with a wild variety of oem addons and paint jobs. Work on your self, too, with four exceptional elements of your individual’s outfit to upgrade and suit, taking you from a sober spy to a flamboyant green-haired highway warrior.

★ Ultimate performance: four varieties of hard-to-kill boss in ambitious customized vehicles to sincerely test your shoot-from-the-hip competencies. Armored vehicles can take a few real punishment, so stay clear of incoming fire and maintain plugging away until you finally reduce those monster vehicles to heaps of scrap.

No appreciate for the highway code!

Those maniacs are breaking the regulations of the road left, right and middle! Come on, agent, it’s your mission to lead them to pay! Bring them to justice with blown tyres, wrecked engines, and extremely good multiple kills.

That’ll educate them! Take out those ne’er-do-wells in fashion and produce a few regulation and order again to Rage Road on this all-motion dual carriageway journey.



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